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Los Altos High School

Home of the Eagles

Athletic Contacts

Los Altos High School Varsity Head Coaches & Assistants    
Fall Sports    
Cros Country-Varsity Head Coach Stephanie MacKenzie
Assistant: Bregje Lawlor  
Cross Country-FS/JV Head Coach Charles Alexander
Field Hockey-Varsity Head Coach Mary Donahue
Field Hockey-JV Head Coach Maggie Evans
Field Hockey- Assistant Coach Beth Lytle  
Football-Varsity Head Coach    
Football-FS Head Coach Wes Okumura  
Golf-Girls Head Coach Abe Roof 
Tennis-Girls Varsity Head Coach Hung Nguyen
Tennis-Girls JV Head Coach Steve Apfelberg
Volleyball-Girls Varsity Peter Kim
Assistant: Jerry Messerschmidt  
Volleyball-Girls JV Head Coach Samantha Thompson
Water Polo-Boys Varsity Head Coach Seth Tasman
Water Polo-Boys FS Head Coach Daniel Buzzetta
Water Polo-Girls Varsity Head Coach Katie Tasman
Water Polo-Girls JV Head Coach OPEN  
Cheer Alexandra Perez
Winter Sports    
Basketball-Boys Varsity Head Coach James Reilly 
Assistant: OPEN  
Basketball- Boys FS Head Coach Skyler Russert
Assistant: Andy Barton  
Basketball-Boys Freshman Head Coach Gabriel Perez
Basketball-Girls Varsity Head Coach Erik Stuart 
Assistant: Ray Stribling  
Basketball-Girls OPEN  
Soccer-Boys Varsity Head Coach Roberto Magellan
Soccer-Boys FS Head Coach Gilbert Barranco
Soccer-Girls Varsity Head Coach Zanin Mahic
Soccer-Girls JV Head Coach Jacob Valdez
Wrestling OPEN  
Wrestling OPEN  
Dance Jordan Micek
Spring Sports    
Badminton Varsity Head Coach Linh Tran
Badminton JV Head Coach OPEN OPEN
Baseball Varsity Head Coach Gabriel Stewart
Assistant: Darren Dressen  
Assistant: Daniel Rodriguez  
Baseball FS Head Coach Raoul Traeg
Diving Head Coach OPEN  
Golf-Boys Head Coach Abe Roof 
Gymnastics Varsity Head Coach Sarah Wallace
Gymnastics JV Head Coach OPEN  
Lacrosse-Boys Head Coach Brent Tovrea
Lacrosse-Girls Head Coach Christina Sabin
Softball Varsity Head Coach Robert Herrera
Assistant: Chris Fennell  
Softball JV Head Coach Chris Garcia
Assistant: Matthew Saul  
Swimming-Girls Varsity Head Coach Katie Tasman
Swimming-Girls JV Head Coach Daniel Buzzetta
Swimming-Boys Varsity Head Coach Seth Tasman
Swimming-Boys FS Head Coach Clair Bourquin
Tennis-Boys Varsity Head Coach Hung Nguyen
Tennis-Boys FS Head Coach Steve Apfelberg
Track & Field Head Coach Gerri Baldwin
Track & Field Head Coach Stephanie Mackenzie
Assistant: George Carty  
Assistant: Daniel Yager  
Assistant: Robyn Hughes  
Assistant: Andrew Zaeske  
Assistant: Dave Barth  
Assistant: Drew Russert  
Assistant: Bregje Lawlor  
Volleyball-Boys Varsity Head Coach Peter Kim
Volleyball-Boys FS Head Coach Justine Record
Athletic Director Michelle Noeth
Athletic Trainer Lucas Okuma
Updated 5.25.22