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Los Altos High School

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Supplies List

All classes require

All classes require

  • Binder paper with a 3-ring binder and/or notebook for note taking and keeping papers.(Check with teacher of the course)
  • Graph paper (1 pack)
  • Pencils/color Pen (for correction of work)
  • Laptop/Chromebook


We recommend TI-84 Graphing Calculators if students are planning to take the AP courses.
There will be a limited amount of TI-84 graphing calculators available to borrow in the textbook room in the beginning of the year.  Students will need to provide their own batteries.
  • Graphing Calculator REQUIRED: AP Calculus and AP Statistics
  • Graphing Calculator RECOMENDED: Honors Trig/Math Analysis, College Prep Calculus
  • Scientific & 4-Function RECOMENDED: Algebra, Geometry, Trig/Math Analysis
Other Supplies

Other Supplies

Geometry RECOMENDED: Ruler or Straight Edge, Protractor & Compass
Computer Science RECOMENDED: Non-Chromebook Laptop