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Welcome to the English Department

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The work students and teachers do in English classes is entirely consistent with the Los Altos High School Vision Statement in all of its points.
The work students and teachers do in English classes meets a rigorous standard of quality and quantity that develops student skill in all aspects of the Language Arts.
The curricular strand that has been the historic strength and core value of the English Department has been and will continue to be the improvement of student writing skill.
The work students and teachers do in English classes supports the whole person, the diversity of individuals and the independence of each person.
The work students and teachers do in English classes is part of a larger community that includes the school, our surrounding community and the broader world.
Teacher attitudes and beliefs, and the attitudes and beliefs of the entire school community, are a primary force shaping the achievement of our vision. The following attitudes and beliefs describe our ideal relationship with students:
  • The teacher interacts with students as a coach and facilitator.
  • The teacher is a learner and reflects on his or her own work as part of that learning process.
  • Beyond developing Language Arts skills, the work we ask students to do fosters personal growth, positive relationships, and a strong community.
  • All students, regardless of academic skill, language proficiency, or cultural, economic or ethnic background are capable of higher levels of thinking and continued growth and development.
  • Teachers do their best work in collaboration with others and through ongoing conversation about their own work and about student growth.
We hope the information available on this website is useful to you.