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New Student Registration

Steps to Register Your Student

Steps to Register Your Student

Incoming Freshmen from Blach, Egan, Crittenden, and Graham

Current 8th grade students attending Blach, Egan, Crittenden and Graham are pre-enrolled in the Mountain View Los Altos High School District. You do NOT have to fill out an online enrollment form.

All other incoming students, including students coming from private or charter schools, please follow the Registration steps below:

1. Verify your address is in our District using our online school locator tool

2. Fill out the online registration form

Once in the form, make sure to register for the correct school year!

Who needs to fill out this form? Students from:
  • Charter or private schools
  • K-8 schools NOT in Los Altos or Mountain View-Whisman School Districts
  • High school NOT in MVLA High School District

3. Make an appointment with the Registrar to present the following registration documents:

BIRTH DOCUMENT - one ORIGINAL from the following list:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Baptismal certificate

IMMUNIZATION RECORD showing that all immunizations required by the State of California are current. These are:
  • 4 doses of Polio
  • 5 doses of DTaP
  • 3 doses of Hep B
  • 2 doses of MMR
  • 2 doses of Varicella
  • Tdap booster shot after 7th birthday
  • 2 doses of COVID-19 (*expected to be required for 2023-2024 school year)

  • Students coming from schools within Santa Clara County must show proof of TB test. (If your child has lived and attended school in Santa Clara County since their last TB test, they do not need a new one.)
  • Students coming from schools outside Santa Clara County must provide a current TB Test or TB Risk Assessment for School Entry Form completed and signed by a licensed health professional.

PROOF OF RESIDENCE in the Los Altos High School attendance area. Three documents (one from each section) are REQUIRED to establish residency.
  • Parent/Legal Guardian’s picture ID from the following list (ID does NOT need to have the current address.):
    • Current Driver’s License 
    • Current ID Card
    • Valid Passport or Consulate issued picture ID
    • Voter Registration Card
  • One of the following ORIGINAL documents with parent/guardian’s name and current address:
    • Current valid Vehicle Registration
    • State or Federal Tax Return filed within the past 12 months with W-2 form attached
    • Current bank statement issued within 35 days from the date of registration
    • Current utility bill issued within 35 days from the date of registration
  • One of the following ORIGINAL documents with parent/guardian’s name and current address:
    • Current Property Tax bill with parent/guardian’s name, and property address, indicating homeowner’s exemption.
    • Current Lease-Rental agreement on company printed forms which include parent/guardian’s name; student’s name; manager or owner’s name and phone number (Military housing residents need to provide “Assignment to Quarters” form from the Base Housing Department.)

SPECIAL SERVICES I.E.P or 504 Plan documents (if applicable).
TRANSCRIPT from the previous school is highly recommended for proper placement in classes needed to fulfill graduation requirements.
WITHDRAWAL FORM from the previous school (if student is transferring in after the school year has begun).
GUARDIANSHIP PAPERS If the student does not live with parent(s), we must see documents providing legal guardianship or we can provide you with an AFFIDAVIT OF RESIDENCE AND RESPONSIBILITY/CAREGIVER’S AFFIDAVIT, which must be signed by the guardian and legal parent. Please contact Grace Icasiano @ 650-940-4650 x0031 to make an appointment.
LANGUAGE FLUENCY students whose home language is not English are required to be tested for placement.
Placement Testing Information

Placement Testing Information

Placement Testing:

The only placement testing that is held for Los Altos HS is for Mandarin Chinese.
For all other subjects, including math, students self-select their course/level.


Mandarin Placement Test / Evaluation:

The test is for interested incoming students who have prior experience of learning Mandarin (weekend Chinese school, private tutoring, after school programs, etc) and would like to get their proficiency level tested so they can sign up for the right Mandarin class.
8th graders who are currently enrolled in Egan or Bullis Charter School's Mandarin program should sign up for Mandarin 2. These students should not take the test unless recommended by their Mandarin teacher. The test is mainly for students who have prior learning experience through weekend Chinese school, after school programs, private tutoring and would like to get their proficiency level tested so they can sign up for the right Mandarin class.

The Mandarin placement test will be given in person this year.

We will give an in-person Mandarin placement test on Wednesday Feb 8th. Students can choose either the 3:30-4:30 p.m. or 4:45-5:45 p.m. testing window. 

Course Information:

For information about specific classes, subjects, and graduation requirements , please refer to the Course Information page in the Academics section.



Additional Registration Information 

Additional Registration Information 

Affidavit of Residence 

Students who live with a parent, but reside at a residence that does not belong to the parent, must complete the Affidavit of Residence form (Declaracion de Residencia). These forms are also available in the Registrar's office at each school site. Completed forms should be returned to the school's registrar office.

Caregiver Affidavit

Students who live with a caregiver within district boundaries must reside full-time, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, including periods of school recess and vacation in the home of a care-giving adult.
Applications for caregiver affidavits must be presented to and approved by the Educational Services department at the District Office.
If you have any questions or need assistance
with registration for Los Altos High School,
please contact the Registrar, Elena Baquero
at (650) 960-8811 x2020