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There are 3 sports seasons each year - Fall, Winter, and Spring. To see which sport occurs in which season, please go to the Athletics navigation option on the LAHS website. 
Athletic Clearance - every student who plays a sport at LAHS must be cleared by a physician before being allowed to practice with the team. The clearance process and appropriate forms are documented on the Athletic Department website in the Participation Resources section. There is an opportunity to complete the physical exam on campus, at a nominal cost, prior to the beginning of the school year (date and time provided by the Athletic Department over the summer), but students who don’t come to the session on campus will have to schedule a visit with their personal physician and submit the forms prior to the start of their sport season. 
Individual Sports - sports information is typically shared directly with students at school not with parents so your student will need to pay attention to announcements from the Athletic Department. Winter and Spring sports typically have an information session shortly before the season starts so that students can get information about requirements, tryouts, practices, etc. Students who want to participate in Fall sports need to be proactive and contact those coaches over the Summer to make sure they get the necessary information about pre-season practices or conditioning. The Athletic Department maintains a contact list of coaches for each sport, so please refer to that list if you have questions about a specific sport.