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MVLA’s Wellness Centers are a place for students to take a wellness break, learn and practice self-care strategies, participate in workshops that promote well-being, and receive mental health resources.  

Students may access the Wellness Centers throughout the school day with permission from staff. The center is supported by a Wellness Center Coordinator dedicated to improving the health, well-being, and academic success of all students. 

Features of the Wellness Center include calming spaces, self-led relaxation and self-care activities, wellness workshops, and community-based resources.

Our Wellness Centers are open everyday from 8:30 AM until the End of the School Day, and are closed during brunch and lunch.  

General Guidelines for MVLA Wellness Centers:

  • Students may visit the Wellness Center for up to 15 minutes 
  • The Wellness Centers are a “Tech-free Zone”
  • Students must Check In / Check Out
  • Students who are in class must come with a signed pass from their teacher. Students without a class may drop-in. 
  • Students choose a self-regulation strategy
    • Be in a calm space 
    • Have some alone time 
    • Mindfulness activities (art, coloring, fidgets)
    • Mindful movement 
    • Receive Wellness resources
  • All students will complete a MVLA Self-Care Plan / MVLA Self-Care Plan (Spanish)