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What are the library hours?

The library is open Monday through Thursday from 7:00am to 6:00pm and Friday from 7:00am to 3:30pm. The library is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and some afternoons when there is professional development.

What are the passwords for the databases?

All our database usernames and passwords can be found in this folder here

How can I contact the library?

The best way to contact the library is by email ( or phone (650-960-8811 ext. 2051).

What are the rules in the library?

All of the school rules apply in the library. Food and drinks are not allowed. (Water is OK.) This is a big space, used by a lot of different people for a lot of different reasons. If you're courteous and respectful of others, everything should be fine.

Does the library have wireless?

Yes. Please check in with the librarian for the username and password.

How can I find a good book?

Since the best book is the right one at the right time for the right person, we recommend checking in with the librarian for a personalized recommendation. Other possibilities include checking out our Book Suggestions Page

How long can I check out a book?

Book check-outs are good for two weeks. You may renew a book for an additional two weeks as long as it has not been put on hold. The due date is always stamped on the inside front cover of the book.

What is the fine for a late book?

Since we have concluded that late fees discourage folks from checking out books, there are no fines for overdue materials. There is, however, a charge for books that are lost or damaged, and holds may be placed on dance tickets, yearbooks, school records, and so on if books are not returned. And even though there are no late fees, it is important to be conscientious about returning books on time since other people may be waiting to read them.

Can I check out an audiobook?

Yes! We have four ways you can access audiobooks, all described on this page here

How do I make a print?

You can print from any of the six computer stations in the library. We don't charge for printing, but ask that you only print school assignments under ten pages. If you need to print more, please discuss with the librarian

Do you have a scanner I can use?

Yes. Please inquire at the front desk.

Do you take donations?

We welcome donations of all sorts. Material donations that we cannot use in our collection are generally donated to students or staff.

Can I request a book?

Yes. We accept recommendations throughout the year. Fill out a “Book Request Form" on the Book Suggestions page on the library website or talk with the librarian.” 

Can I check out multimedia equipment?

Yes. You can check out video cameras, tripods, and microphones for three days with your student ID card. Laptops can be checked out for use in the library, but cannot be taken out of the library. 

Where can I find some help with an assignment?

Here are some ways to get free homework help
During School Hours
  • Tutorial period every Tuesday
    Sign up here to meet with your teacher during tutorial
  • Tutorial Center
    Click here to find peer and adult tutors in all subjects
After School Hours
  • Writing Center
    Click here to find a peer tutor to help with writing assignments
  • MVPL Teen Zone
    The Mountain View Public Library provides homework help Mondays-Thursdays 3:30-6:00pm and Monday and Wednesday 6:00-8:30pm

Can I volunteer in the library?

Of course! We appreciate help with all sorts of library work. Please check in with the librarian.

What magazines do you have?

For a complete list, please contact the library.

Who pays for everything in the library?

Library staff and materials are paid for from a variety of sources, including the school, the MVLA Foundation, the PTSA, and various groups, individuals, and special funds.

What do students usually do in the library?

Students study, read, research, work on group projects, chat, get help, search for books, use computers, and find tutoring in the library. Our busiest times are before school, break, lunch, and after school, but students use the library throughout the day with classes and/or during free periods. Most often, students with free periods who are in the library are doing homework, reading magazines, or working on the computers.

What can I do if the library is crowded and I need a really quiet place to study?

Please ask the librarian. There are several quiet spots in the library, and we can usually find a place for you.

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes. It’s located in the library foyer, near the entrance. 

Why can’t we eat in the library?

The main reason is that food attracts insects and rodents, which we want to keep out of the library. Wrappers also don’t mix well with books, computers, and other materials. 

What if I have another question that I don’t see here?

Please ask! There are a number of questions that we couldn’t answer in this space, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important. And new questions spring up all the time.