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Please check scholarships in Naviance for a comprehensive list of options you can filter and sort based on various requirements such as GPA, essay, volunteer, athletic, gender, ethnicity. 
Please watch this short video showing how to search the scholarship list in Naviance.
If the scholarship asks for an official transcript or the name and email of the person who will send one, please indicate our school registrar:  Ms. Elena Baquero, email:

Check out the list in Naviance!
KEEP grade and GPA filters.
REMOVE all other filters to view a full list.
Warning most of these if not all require registration.  Most likely share/sell info to 3rd parties so students should expect an uptick in spammy emails.  Not worth skipping, but can be annoying.

More Tips for Finding a College Scholarship

The Department of Education recommends using the following free resources to find more information about scholarships and other financial aid opportunities:
  • The financial aid office at a college or career school
  • Read emails from CCC/student announcements
  • Foundations, religious or community organizations, local businesses, or civic groups
  • Organizations (including professional associations) related to your field of interest
  • Ethnicity-based organizations
  • Your employer or your parents’ employers
After you apply to a college, go to the Financial Aid page and familiarize yourself with what is available, including scholarships you can apply for!


(Dates and links will be updated- but they usually stay very consistent- you can use these as a tool for planning ahead)
Self-Nomination Scholarships
PLEASE READ: For all self-nomination scholarships, email Ms. Duran at Please list all the self-nomination scholarships you would like to be considered for. For every self-nomination scholarship, you need to have an updated resume available in Naviance. If you have a Google doc resume, you can link the resume to Naviance. For particular scholarships, there may be additional steps to self-nominate, so pay attention to your email for further instructions. And lastly, if you are nominated there will be more application steps in the future, so please be aware of the possible commitment you are making.

Bay Area All-Star Scholarship Team (BAASST)—Deadline January 12: $5000. 
Need-aware. For students who display leadership qualities in and outside the classroom, demonstrate the value of education, good work ethic, community outreach and extracurricular activities. Minimum GPA 3.0. Only two male and two female nominees from each high school can be nominated.

Northern California Scholarship--Deadline January 12: $8000. 
Renewable for 4 years. Merit and Need-based. US Citizens and Permanent residents only.  For students who have taken a rigorous course load, have excelled academically, are significantly involved in their community, and demonstrate financial need to afford college.

University Club of Palo Alto--Deadline January 12: Up to $5,000. 
Renewable for 4 years. Need-based. No citizenship requirements. Strong GPA of A-/B+ average. Students with work experience strongly preferred. Student should also have extracurriculars and volunteering experience.

Silicon Valley Realtors Scholarship--Deadline January 12: $1,500. 
Must be attending a four-year college in the fall of 2023. U.S. Citizens and permanent residents only. Students need extensive commitment to community service. It is recommended that students have a GPA of 3.7 and above.

Apply Without Needing a Nomination Scholarships

PLEASE READ: For the scholarships below, the applications either are open or will soon be open for you to apply independently--no nominations needed. If you have questions about the applications, please ask us in the College and Career Center.

Peninsula Community Fund—Deadline February 9: 
$3000 per year for 4 years. Need-based. Local scholarship. GPA 2.8-3.8 cumulative GPA (unweighted). No citizenship requirements. Must plan to attend a four-year accredited college/university beginning in the fall. Underrepresented minority and/or first-generation college student. Demonstrate an ability to overcome obstacles to achieve academic and personal goals. Demonstrate active community involvement or engagement with others via work, school, or family responsibilities. Application linked HERE.

Silicon Valley Community Foundation Scholarships—Deadlines Vary ~ February 29 
This is an AMAZING set of scholarships because many are VERY local. Some are specifically for Santa Clara county residents only too! Be careful to check for their citizenship requirements as well. 

Hale/Ruppert Educational Scholarship—Deadline February 29 to $10,000. 
US Citizens and AB 540 students. Need-based. Applicant is a 'late bloomer' who demonstrates academic promise and continuous grade point average improvement during high school or college; Maximum cumulative GPA of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale; Applicant demonstrates community involvement. Application linked HERE.

Rotary Club of Los Altos--Deadline February 29: $800-2,500. 
Need-based. Minimum 3.0 GPA. Student committed to community service. Scholarship opens on roundtable application on December 17.

Rotary Club of Mountain View--Deadline February 29: $500-2,000. 
Need-based. Student with a solid academic record. Student committed to community service. Scholarship opens on roundtable application on December 17.

MVLA Scholars--Deadline February 29: $2,000-6,000.
Need-based. Renewable. Minimum 2.75 GPA. First-generation college students given special consideration. Students would be assigned a mentor to support them in college. Scholarship opens on roundtable application on December 17.

Quota International of MVLA-- Deadline February 29: $1,000-2,000. 
Need-based. Student committed to community service. Deaf and hard of hearing students given special consideration. Scholarship opens on roundtable application on December 17.

Mountain View Chamber of Commerce--Deadline February 29.
Need-based. Minimum 2.5 GPA. Student committed to community service. For students interested in community and 4-year colleges. Scholarship opens on roundtable application on December 17.

Science for Good Scholarship--Deadline March 1, 2023. $1,500-7,000.
Needs-based and Merit-based. Recommended above 3.0 GPA. A scholarship in memorial of R. Scott Chan, a former high school physics teacher. For seniors interested in majoring in science or engineering. Application linked HERE.

National League of American Pen Women--Deadline March 13: $1,000. 
Merit-Based. Minimum 2.5 GPA. Women who are pursuing fine or performing arts in college. Application linked HERE.

Mountain View Sister City--Deadline March 31. $500.
Merit-Based. Student should be involved in extracurriculars and community service. Application linked HERE.

Kiwanis Club of Mountain View--Deadline April 23: Up to $2,000. 
Need-based. Recommended be 3.0 GPA or above. Student committed to community service. Students involved in Key Club and Girl or Boy Scouts given special consideration. Apply Here.

Barbara Emerich Memorial Scholarship-- April 7: $750. 
Merit-based.  For US Citizens and Undocumented students. For seniors who may attend community college or 4-year universities and are current members of the PTA. Must have demonstrated community service. Application linked HERE.

Los Altos Kiwanis Scholarship--Deadline April 24.  $3,200. 
Need-aware and Merit-Based. For seniors who plan to attend an accredited institution. Application linked HERE.

Honmyo Nguyen Family Trust Scholarship--Deadline April 25.  $1,500 (2 students, non-renewable)
Needs-based. For students who plan to attend four-year California public college (Cal State, Cal Poly) or university (UC), 3.3 GPA. Apply HERE.

Mountain View Odd Fellows Scholarship--Deadline May 1. $1,000.  
Need-based and merit-based. For seniors with dedicated service to their community. Application linked HERE.

Club Estrella Scholarship--Deadline May 24.  $1,000 (15 students)
Need-based. For Latino/Hispanic students with a min. 2.5 GPA and plan to enroll in college this fall. Apply HERE &  Info Flier

Athletic Focused Scholarships
CCS Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Program- completed packet due to Ms. Duran by 2/8: $500 or 1,500. For outstanding student-athletes in the Central Coast Section. Info and Application HERE
CIF Scholar-Athlete of the Year- completed packet due 3/7: $10,000 or 1,500. Recognizes college-bound high school seniors whose academic and athletic careers have been exemplary and whose personal standards (i.e., integrity, honesty, etc.) and accomplishments are a positive model for others. Two State winners (1 male and 1 female) will each receive a $10,000 scholarship. Additionally, 20 Section winners will be awarded $1,500.  Info and Application HERE 
The Joyce-Ridgway Scholarship– Deadline 3/11: $750
For a female-student athlete in the Class of 2023 who exemplifies leadership, determination, dedication, self-sacrifice, and integrity. Info HERE
The Jeff Lamb Scholarship– Deadline 3/11: $750
Ideal candidates for the Jeff Lamb Scholarship are student-athletes who have exhibited an interest in becoming a teacher/coach and eventually attaining leadership in the Athletic Director role. Info HERE
CIF Spirit of Sport Scholarship Award– Winter Deadline 12/11, Spring TBD: $1,000 or $2,500
Recognizes one male and one female state-wide winner during each season of sport (Fall (closed)/Winter/Spring). Student-athletes are selected based on exemplary sportsmanship, school/community service, and leadership. Info HERE

And don’t forget, fill out the FAFSA or Dream Act application as soon as possible (the app will open on 10/1/24 for the 2025-26 school year)! It is the best way to access need-based financial aid.
Immigrants Rising Website - List of Scholarships that don't Require U.S. Citizenship: