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Naviance is a powerful college and career exploration tool.

Naviance is a powerful college and career exploration tool.

Naviance login screen

Now accessible using Google Single Sign-On with your school email and password!


LAHS Naviance

9th & 10th Grade Students:
  • Take 3 assessments to gain insights about personal values and potential future careers.  1) Strengths Explorer, 2) Do What You Are 2.0, 3) Learning Style Inventory 2.0
  • Make connections between career, wages, and the types of preparation required, including researching related majors. 
  • Add colleges to a prospective list. 
  • Keep track of activities, volunteering hours, awards, etc.
  • View summer and volunteer opportunities.
11th Grade Students:
  • Sign-up for College Rep Visits, learn more about different colleges and programs.
  • Continue to update resume/activities list
  • Add colleges to a prospective list. 
  • View summer and volunteer opportunities.
  • In the spring, ask teachers for a letter of recommendation if planning on applying to private/out of state schools. Here is a list of schools that specifically ask for (1) Humanities LOR and (1) STEM LOR.
  • Look at scattergrams to build a balanced college list; you can manually add standardized test scores if available.
12th Grade Students: Use the LAHS College Application Quick Guide
  • Move colleges from prospective list to "Applying" list in Naviance. Keep this list updated.  Include all colleges/universities that you are applying to on the list.
  • Create a CSU Apply account (if you are applying to at least one of the 23 California State University campuses).
  • Create a UC Apply account (if you are applying to at least one of the 9 undergraduate campuses).
  • Create an account for other institutions that do not fall into the above categories (ApplyTexas Coalition AppSUNYApply, or single institution ex: Georgetown)
Common Application
  • Create a Common Application account (if you are applying to private/out of state schools that accept or require the Common App).
  • Link your Common Application account in Naviance. 
  • Complete the FERPA waiver in the Common App. PDF w/ instructions & images.
  • NEVER-EVER Request an MVLA staff member from Common App directly.  Requests come from Naviance (see next bullet point).
  • Request Teacher Recommenders in Naviance.  Here is a PFD w/step-by-step instructions and images. This step allows your teacher(s) to upload their Teacher Form and Letter of Recommendation for colleges.
  • Other Recommenders.  If you have a coach, mentor or other non-MVLA adult who is writing/submitting a LOR on your behalf, you will request them directly via Common App.  Note: colleges prefer 2 letters from teachers.  Talk to/email Ms. Duran before requesting an outside recommender directly from Common App (
Counselor Letter of Recommendation, Transcript Request, Secondary School Report
  • Follow counseling department rules and deadlines for the above supporting documents
How to Request a Teacher Recommender in Naviance
Students please use the single sign on option.
1)  Click on “Colleges” Quicklink. 
2)  Click “Letters of Recommendation” 
4)  Select “Add Request” 
5) Find your teacher from the staff dropdown list 
6) Select which colleges the letter will go to or select all.
7)  Include a personal note to your teacher. Thank them for helping you! 
8)  Your final step is to submit the request. Your teacher will then receive an email. 

● Repeat steps 4-9 for each teacher recommender.