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Seniors can create an account on August 1. The application can be submitted from October 1- November 30th. 
Seniors can create an account on October 1. The application can be submitted from October 1- November 30th (some campuses due on 12/15).
  • One application for all 23 campuses
  • No Essays 
  • No letters of recommendation required/accepted
  • SAT/ACT test scores will not be considered in admissions
  • Use this page for more CSU information
Students can create an account any year of high school. Your account will roll over from year to year. Supplemental questions are updated on August 1 of each year.
  • One application for 950+ institutions, specific requirements vary by school
  • Deadlines vary by school and student's application plan (ED, EA, REA, ED II, RD, Rolling)
  • All LAHS staff recommendations managed through Naviance
  • SAT/ACT test scores: Are optional for most schools with some notable exceptions: Georgia Tech, U. of Georgia, Purdue, MIT, Georgetown, and Florida Public Universities. Make sure your score falls in the middle 50%. Ask Ms. Duran or Ms. Price to show you how to obtain this information for each school on your list.
  • Here is a screencast showing how to link your Common Application Account in Naviance.
If you need a transcript sent to a college or university that does not require a counselor letter of recommendation, it is essential that you email your counselor directly with the request.
Requesting a transcript in Naviance does not alert counselors to send it- so make sure to send an email! :)
Who, What, When, How of Letters of Recommendation