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Los Altos High School

Home of the Eagles

Drop Off/Pick Up and Parking Around Campus

There is NO STOPPING on Almond Avenue in front of Los Altos High School. New city signage emphasizes that it is NOT PERMITTED TO DROP OFF OR PICK UP students on Almond Ave.

The student parking lot and the administration parking lot are CLOSED to drop off and pick up during school hours 7:30 a.m. - 3:45 p.m

The U pass-through off of Almond in front of the library is open one way for dropoff and pickup. Drivers should pull all the way up to create maximum space for pickup and drop off and turn right to exit. There is Right Turn Only out of this driveway.
CLICK HERE for a campus map noting these changes. 
CLICK HERE for a brochure on bike, board and pedestrian safety. 
Suggestions for getting to school on time, and safely:
  • WALK and follow all pedestrian safety rules.
  • BIKE and follow all traffic rules, including wearing a helmet and locking your bike.
  • CARPOOL and park in designated spaces on campus.
  • DROPOFF/PICKUP: Families should drop students in legal areas, including. Jardin Drive behind the campus. Families can also drop off a block or two from campus in permitted areas to avoid traffic congestion and make dropping off safer and easier.
  • TURN OFF YOUR VEHICLE ENGINE when waiting to pick-up students, even if only waiting thirty seconds or more.  Vehicle exhaust is linked to increased health risks and is wasteful of energy.
  • Students who drive a car to school must have a permit to park in student parking on campus. Students may park on Jardin without a permit. Note “No Parking” signage on streets around campus.