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The streets around LAHS are very busy in the mornings as roughly 2200 students arrive in a short period of time. No matter how a student arrives, they need to pay attention to pedestrians, bikers, and cars so everyone can arrive safely. 
Biking - many students bike to school, and LAHS has many bike racks available around campus for these bikers. Bikers coming from Jardin Drive should come in near the tennis courts while bikers coming from Almond Avenue should come in from the staff and student parking lot. Almond has a special bike lane (marked by green paint) established to provide extra protection for bikers, but they still need to pay close attention to cars due to the amount of traffic along Almond. Finally, all bikers need to lock their bikes with a good bike lock. There have been bike thefts from campus before so please don’t let students leave their bikes unlocked. There are also skateboard lockers at the front of the school.
Drop off / pick-up - parents who drive their students to school may drop them off or pick them up them off Almond Avenue in the U passthrough in front of the library. There is no pick-up or drop-off in the parking lot between 7am and 4pm. There is also a pick-up/drop-off area on Jardin Drive.
Driving and Parking - students who have received their driver's license may opt to drive to school. There are some student parking spots available in the parking lot on Almond, but these are only available by permit.