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Thank you for volunteering to be a Team Parent!

The Team Parent responsibilities outlined below are to act as a GUIDE - each team has a different set of demands, so modify as needed for the team to function effectively.
  • Contact the coach early in the season to arrange a mandatory meeting for all parents of the team members. Feel free to assign/delegate responsibilities to other parents to share the workload.
  • Work with the COACH to set up if necessary: 
    • Practice and game schedule
    • Team roster with parent names, cell phone numbers, email addresses (and athletes’ jersey or cap numbers if available)
    • Refreshment/drink schedule
    • Uniform distribution AND COLLECTION.  
    • Arrange a team potluck dinner early in the season 
    • Assist the coach in organizing any mid-season team parties and the end of the season celebration.  
    • Recruit parent volunteers for the four main Athletic Boosters fundraisers. View Details
    • Team Pictures are arranged by the Athletic Director. The coach will distribute order forms.
    • Each team honors the graduating seniors at the end of the season (usually the last home game). Check with the coach near the beginning of the season to determine their preferred approach.  
    • Athletic Boosters meetings are held once a month and team parents are encouraged to attend. View Details   
District Policy
If a student drives him/herself to a game or tournament he/she will not be allowed to play. Only those parents, school district employees, or other adults who have been approved by the district may transport students to and from school activities or drive district-owned vehicles. Parent(s) must have a completed Driver Form including insurance info. and DMV report filed with the District Office at Mountain View High School. You only need to do this once for all the years that all of your children are enrolled at LAHS (Rule since 2001) NO EXCEPTION.  The Athletic Director will enforce these policies.
Michelle Noeth - Athletic Director
Phone: 650-960-8857