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Los Altos High School

Home of the Eagles
Head Coach: Stephanie MacKenzie
Coach MacKenzie has been Coaching at Los Altos High School since 2016. She has been Coaching for 5 years. She has been running competitively for over 30 years. She loves exploring new trails and running to the top of a mountain to see the view. Her favorite place to run with the team is at Westwind Barn & Hidden Villa. She loves coaching cross country because we have a huge team with athletes of all levels. Everyone can set their own personal goals and they all celebrate when someone runs a personal record or completes their longest run ever. “I hope to encourage all our athletes to become lifelong runners because it will improve their health and well-being.”
Charles Alexander
Coach Alexander coache XC and track at LAHS from 2008-2014 and excited to return and join this great staff. He ran high school XC in Virginia then for Stanford and continued to run XC locally and nationally adding road races and marathons all with the Hoka Aggie Running Club. His favorite workout is Lydiard hill bounding + fartlek and his secret weapon is downhill running. He feels the lessons learned during his high school XC experience such as self confidence and discovering what a person can achieve through hard work molded him into who he is today and led him  into coaching and sharing XC with others. He Coaches to share the distance running experience and the lessons gained from it with others.
Assistant Coach: Bregje van Breugel
Bregje has been Coaching at LAHS since 2017. She has been coaching overall for 5 years. Bregje had been working as a pediatric physical therapist in Ireland for 20 years. She moved to the US in 2016 and was introduced to the Cross Country and Track Teams via her son who was an avid runner. She joined both teams as an assistant coach to work on Injury Prevention for our kids and improving core muscle strength needed to be a good runner.
"I love coaching this group of kids. They are always enthusiastic and work incredibly hard and I really admire them for that. They are also an inclusive group of kids. They encourage any new comers and make them feel so welcome. I learn as much from them, as they learn from me."