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Who may participate?

Who may participate?

LAHS AVID students are typically historically underserved students in four-year colleges (ethnic minority and/or low income and/or first generation college students and/or special circumstances) who:
  • have academic potential for a four-year college.
  • have average to high standardized test scores.
  • have a 2.0-4.0 GPA.
  • have good citizenship.
  • have good attendance.
  • commit to two hours (or more) of daily homework/study.
  • get involved in at least one co-curricular activity.
If I join, what credit will I receive?

If I join, what credit will I receive?

As an AVID student, you will receive ten units of elective credit each year.  Five of these units can be designated as Individual and Society.
Seniors can receive ten units of academic elective credit (the UC/CSU "g" requirement) for enrollment in the AVID Seminar.  AVID Seminar students must be in AVID at least three years, and during their junior and senior years in AVID, they must be concurrently enrolled in an Advanced Placement course.
What is AVID?

What is AVID?

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is an internationally recognized program designed to prepare high school students for success in four-year universities. AVID students enroll in rigorous college-preparatory courses and in an AVID class.

The LAHS AVID curriculum focuses on developing study skills, academic skills, and technological skills necessary for success in high school and college. The LAHS AVID program offers in-class college / careercounseling, personal mentoring, tutoring, and opportunities for service learning, cultural awareness, and leadership development.

National studies show that the majority of students who participate in AVID for four years meet their goals of college enrollment. Former LAHS AVID graduates have attended the following schools: UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, CSU East Bay, Humboldt State University, CSU Los Angeles, CSU Monterey Bay, San Diego State University, San Francisco StateUniversity, San Jose State University, Sonoma State University, CSU Stanislaus, Arizona State University, Brigham Young University, Clark Atlanta University, Dominican University, Hampton University, University of Michigan, Mills College, Santa Clara University, Spelman College, Sweet Briar College, Tuskegee University, and Whitman College.

At Los Altos High School, AVID students form a community of support based on mutual respect. Older AVID students serve as role models and mentors to younger students. AVID is for students who are serious aboutsucceeding in high school. Success depends on individual determination and personal responsibility. The LAHS AVID program values academic excellence, service, and leadership.
What will I do in an AVID Class?

What will I do in an AVID Class?

Skill Development:  You will practice study skills such as note-taking, organization, time management, and test-taking.  You will also improve academic skills including critical reading, analytical writing, and public speaking.  You will develop technology skills through AVID activities requiring word processing, PowerPoint, and Internet research.
College/Career Counseling:  You will be introduced to a variety of colleges and universities through speakers, field trips, and independent research.  You will also learn about different college requirements and get help preparing for college entrance tests, such as the PSAT, SAT Reasoning Test, SAT Subject Tests, and ACT.  You will get support in filling out your college and financial aid/scholarship applications.
Personal Mentoring:  Your AVID teacher will help you monitor your current progress and set future goals in individual conferences during the year.  Your AVID teacher will work with your counselor in helping you decide your high school schedule and keeping you informed of options such as summer school and honors/AP courses.  
Tutoring:  Twice weekly, you will work in tutorial groups with college/peer tutors to go over difficult material and study for tests.  During tutorial, you will focus primarily on either your math/science classes, honors/AP courses, or reading/writing skills, depending on your academic needs.
Project-Based Learning:  You will design individual and collaborative projects based on your personal interests, focused on topics such as cultural awareness and service learning.
Leadership Development:  You will develop your leadership skills through workshop training during class.  You will also design and complete individual and collaborative leadership projects.  You will also get involved in school-wide sports, clubs, service, and/or co-curricular activities such as yearbook, newspaper, and student government.