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Summer High School Internships

Boston University

Boston University

Summer Term
755 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 353-1378
Experience the perfect mix of academic challenge and summer fun with Honors Programs, Research Internships
in Science & Engineering, Summer Challenge or Summer Preview. Choose between college credit and noncredit courses. Programs have different grade levels for applicants
Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland

Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland

747 Fifty Second Street
Oakland, CA 94609
(510) 428-3000
FACES Summer Medical Academy. Successfully prepares youth for careers in the health professions. Open to
motivated students 15 years and older who are interested in medicine and medical school. Provides students
with exciting, hands-on and educational opportunities that relate to the practice of medicine. Gross anatomy
labs, clinical skills workshops, guest speakers, clinical case studies and field trips.
J. Craig Venter Institute Internship Program

J. Craig Venter Institute Internship Program

10355 Science Center Drive
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 200-1800
Offers motivated high school students the opportunity to nurture their interest in science by participating in cuttingedge genomic research at the Institute. Interns are assigned to a mentor who is a member of the Institute’s
faculty or senior staff. Each experience is tailored to the participant’s education level and capabilities. Interns
are required to present a summary of their research/work experience to the staff at the conclusion of their
There are also administrative internships available in legal, communications, library and environmental health
and safety areas.


DEVELOP National Program
Paid internships located at Ames Research Center for junior and senior high school students to extend science
research to local communities. Students should be interested or experienced in: GIS, computer science,
ecology, marine biology, environmental studies, geology, atmospheric science, etc. These are 10 week, full-time
programs. Must be a US citizen.
Stanford University

Stanford University

Stanford Institutes of Medicine Summer Research Program
An 8-week summer internship program open to high school juniors and seniors. Hands-on research under
guidance of a one-on-one mentor. Choose from immunology, stem cell biology, neurobiology, cardiovascular
medicine and cancer biology.
The Washington Workshops Foundation

The Washington Workshops Foundation

3222 N Street N.W.,
Suite 340
Washington, D.C. 20007
(800) 368-5688
Three or six week internship programs for students interested in government and politics. Intern assignment s in
a Capitol Hill office and corresponds to the applicant’s Congressional district or state. Can also choose a
placement in the Hall of State, non-profit organizations and political campaign offices.