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LAHS Athletic Boosters Club - Team Parent Duties

LAHS Athletic Boosters Club - Team Parent Duties

Please recruit additional parents to share the responsibilities.  Some of these responsibilities are outlined below as a guide to help you.  Each sports team has a different set of demands, so feel free to add what is needed for your team to function and communicate well.
  • Contact the coach early in the season to arrange a mandatory meeting for all parents of the team members. Assign/delegate responsibilities to other parents.
  • Work with the COACH to set up and distribute the following:
  • Practice and game schedule
  • Team roster with parent names, cell phone numbers, email addresses (and athletes’ jersey or cap numbers if available)
  • Refreshment/drink schedule
  • Driver Schedule, if no bus
  • Uniform distribution AND COLLECTION.  Each athlete will have a yellow check-out/check-in card. Some coaches may need help with ordering uniforms (i.e. swimsuits for water polo and swimming, tennis uniforms)
  • Athletic information is no longer printed for distribution but is available at our website, Choose LAHS and then page down to Athletics to find all Sports teams, rosters schedules, etc.
  • Arrange a team potluck dinner early in the season to promote team spirit and allow the coach to outline his/her expectations of the team and season.
  • Assist the coach in organizing any mid-season team parties and the end of the season celebration.  These may include a pizza party, or a potluck at a team member’s house.  Often there is a tradition of having a pasta feed prior to a home league match.  These dinners usually include the athletes and coaches, not parents. If use of the cafeteria is needed, please book two weeks in advance with Georgina Davila, (960-8815) As far as decorations in the cafeteria go, balloons and candles are not allowed.  Anything to be hung on the walls should be done so with the blue masking tape for easy removal and should be removed immediately following the party.
  • Athletic Booster’s Fundraisers; Recruit parent volunteers for the two main fundraisers:  Fall – Pumpkin Patch, Winter – Christmas Tree Lot. Each team will be responsible for staffing these events with volunteers.  Parents can also donate directly online through the Athletic Boosters link on the LAHS website.
  • If the coach wants to do some fundraising for the team, the coach and the administration must establish a team account, and ASB/Suzanne Woolfolk (960-8875) must approve the fund-raiser.  As a rule, there is only one major fund-raiser per sport. Check with Gina Brownson in the Finance Office (960-8828) to determine if your team already has an account and the monies available.
  • If appropriate for your sport, help the coach design and order T-shirt, sweatshirt or game day T-shirt. Although the team has their official uniform, most teams enjoy having a special team shirt to wear.  Choose school colors (Royal blue, grey and white).
    Note: Gameday T-shirt can be any color and can only be worn during school hours. Athletic Director, Michelle Noeth, must approve all designs before placing order.
  • Team Pictures – Michelle Noeth will assign time and date. The coach will distribute order forms a few days prior to picture date.
  • Poster boards for display cases- highlight seniors and coach, make sure each senior is represented.  The Athletic Director will distribute poster boards and a picture of each senior and coach. You may want to assign a Team Photographer and add some candid pictures as well.
  • Each team honors the graduating seniors at the end of the season (usually the last home game). Check with the coach near the beginning of the season to determine what is usually done and where the responsibility lies.  Flowers are often purchased by the coach from his/her funds. Ask the coach if you should help by inviting the parents, obtaining the flowers, or providing a list of names to an announcer. Include seniors who help manage teams or help keep stats. Acknowledging seniors from the visiting team is recommended. This job is usually delegated to a Junior Parent.
  • Collect $10.00 from team members/parents for end of season party and gift for coaches. If party is in a private home – no alcohol policy even for adults. Team Photographer may want to put together an end of season slideshow to be shown at the party. At the all school Sports Awards Night, each coach will honor the team and announce the top awards. At the end of the season party, the coach usually has time to honor each player and hands out the remaining awards. 
  • Keep a notebook or file pertaining to your job as a team parent to pass along to the team parent who will follow you.  Copies of fliers, specifics about dinners, ideas, suggestions, information about the season, or anything you deem important should go into this notebook. You may give this to the Booster Club Team Parent Liaison at the end of the season.
  • Booster Club meetings are held once a month at 5:00 p.m., in the library. Check online to verify dates. Team Parents are encouraged to attend meetings and provide input, especially when their sport is in season. Please forward emails from Boosters to the parents of your team members.
Please join the Athletic Booster Club and encourage all parents on your team to join as well.
District Policy
If a student drives him/herself to a game or tournament he/she will not be allowed to play. Only those parents, school district employees, or other adults who have been approved by the district may transport students to and from school activities or drive district-owned vehicles. Parent(s) must have a completed Driver Form including insurance info. and DMV report filed with the District Office at Mountain View High School. You only need to do this once for all the years that all of your children are enrolled at LAHS (Rule since 2001) NO EXCEPTION.  The Athletic Director will enforce these policies.
Driver form can be found HERE>>
Please let your parents know that transportation assessment ($100) must be paid at the beginning of the season. Make check payable to Los Altos High School – Athletic Dept. and submit payment to the Finance Office, print student’s name, student number, and sport on the check.
Away Tournaments
Some teams have tournaments that are out of the area and require overnight stays.  Depending on the coach, the team parent may or may not be very involved in organizing the trip. If drivers are needed, Driver Forms must be on file with the school district.  Students may not drive.  If rental vans, hotel rooms, or airline tickets are needed, coordinate with the coach and make reservations early.
Angela Player - Athletic Boosters Team Parent Liaison                                                    
Michelle Noeth - Athletic Director
Phone: 650-960-8857