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Back to School Online Forms Checklist

Use the links below to complete an online version of each form that is in this year's LAHS Back to School packet (instead of using the paper forms!)

Use the links below to complete an online version of each form that is in this year's LAHS Back to School packet (instead of using the paper forms!)

This is your “ONLINE TO DO LIST”.  Please complete prior to orientation.
(It is an online version of the green, paper "TO DO LIST" in your packet.) 
Click on the links below to access the forms.  The flyers in your mailing associated with each form are identified at the bottom of this page, please refer to the flyers when filling out the forms.
Estimated time to complete this process is 30 minutes, but can vary due to number of students, number of athletes, items purchased, etc.
  •    Annual Student Data Confirmation  - ONLINE ONLY
    You may have just completed this! If so, you can check this item off already!
    Use your SIS Account. You must complete process for each student and bring the email confirmation(s) to Orientation in order for your student(s) to continue with the Orientation process.  

  •    Parent Form / MVLA Foundation Pledge  - ONLINE ONLY
    Provides information about student offerings at LAHS, so please view the form even if not making donations.  Do NOT use the Webstore for these items!  Payment for LAHS items is by PayPal, Credit Card (through PayPal even if you don't have a PayPal account), or by check made out to "LAHS PTSA", not to the High School itself.  Either PayPal method is preferred.  Please review your emailed purchase receipt.  Your pledge to the MVLA Foundation can be made in this form - to be paid separately today in #3 below or in the future.  We are grateful for your pledges/donations this early in the school year as they are extremely helpful for budgeting and planning in support of your students!

  •    MVLA Foundation Payment 
    Recommended and appreciated, see the email payment receipt from #2 above for detailed payment instructions, preferred method is by check made out
    to "MVLA Foundation" using the envelope provided in the mailing.

  •    LAHS / PTSA Volunteer Sign-ups - ONLINE, one form per parent. 
    The yellow sheet identifies ways you can contribute to your student's educational experience, but we prefer you register your choices online.  You will receive a confirmation email from the online form.

  •    MVLA / LAHS Communications - Read BOTH ONLINE page and the white flyer in your mailed packet.
    Connect to all elists and communication sources of interest.  IMPORTANT:  When signing up for the PTSA elist please add to your contact list.  Some items from this elist have been reported as going to spam.

  •    Student Gear Guide Form - 1 per student.  (Print form only. View PDF to print
    Includes joining ASB, ordering PE clothes, yearbook, etc.  Payment is by cash, separate check made out to "LAHS" or "Los Altos High School", or credit card.  If the Webstore is available, you may purchase these items there and bring your email receipt to Orientation.

  •    Student Picture Form - OPTIONAL
    Orders and payments can be made online at (bring emailed receipt) or checks are made out to "Lifetouch" and enclosed in the envelope.  NOTE: All students do get one picture taken for their required student ID card only at no-cost.

  •    Athletic Clearance  - ONLINE ONLY 
    Must renew each year, required for all participants trying out for after-school sports.  Other fees/fee waivers are outlined at the end of the Athletic Clearance process and are to be paid when the athlete is a confirmed member of the team.

  •    Additional Summer Information
    Letter explaining Gender Support, Optional Student Accident/Sickness Insurance, and Digital Device Requirements: REQUIRED reading only.
  • Additional Items for SENIORS ONLY - All Optional

    Additional Items for SENIORS ONLY - All Optional

    You can purchase later during the school year, but prices will increase.
  • Senior Picnic Order and Permission Form
    Make check payable to "LAHS".  Explanation and approximate costs of all senior events is on the back side of the form to assist with financial planning.

  • Los Altos High Grad Night Party Form and Release of Liability
    Make check payable to "LAHS Grad Night", NOT to the school. 
  • Additional Items for 9th Graders and New Students ONLY -- Optional

    Additional Items for 9th Graders and New Students ONLY -- Optional

  • Bus Pass Form:   (English & Version en español )
    9th graders or new students ONLY 
    Family must qualify. 

  • Free/Reduced Lunch Form:   (English version | Version en español)
    9th graders or new students ONLY 
    Family must qualify.  
    Please make sure to return to the Portal Data Confirmation and print your student's confirmation.
    They will need that printout at their check-in day to get their schedule!
    Back to School Forms

    Back to School Forms

    The following documents are all included in the LAHS 2019-20 Back to School packet that was mailed home in late July. Click on the linked text below to view a document.