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Athletic Clearance Directions


Before you can participate in LAHS team tryouts or practices you must have completed the online clearance process. You will receive a confirmation letter that needs to be uploaded to finish the clearance process. 


Get cleared now! Here is the process... 

Step 1 - Go to

The online form/process includes: Emergency Information, Medical History, Sports Physical Forms and Eligibility Requirements (athletes must have a minimum 2.0 GPA in the current grading period and no more than 1 "F" to be eligible), Student/Parent Handbook,as well as the Co-Curricular Drug & Alcohol Policy and Concussion Information.

Step 2 - Sign in to your account or register to set up an account

There is an introductory video on the main page to give you an overview of the online clearance process.
Note - When you set up your account, the name you should enter under "Register" information should be the parent name.

Step 3 - Select the correct year and school

After you have logged in:
  • SELECT year - “2021-2022”
  • SELECT school - Los Altos (CIF-CCS)
    There are 2 Los Altos high schools in the list, so make sure to select the one with (CIF-CCS) after the name.
  • SELECT sport for clearance - Choose the sport you are trying out for first.
    At the very end of the form process (at the end of the Confirmation Letter), you will have the opportunity to add other sports for other seasons. To start the process, just pick the one you will try out for first.

Step 4 - Complete the online clearance

Now you will be guided through the clearance form/process in a series of steps.
At the end of each step/page, you hit the SAVE button. 
If you have not completed all the required fields, a red box will appear where you still need to input information. Complete that information, and then click SAVE to continue to the next screen. The form goes through the following sections:
*** Physical exams are only valid for one year.  If your physical expires during your season, you will not be permitted to continue playing until you complete a new physical exam!***
Documents can be uploaded. The Athletic office hours vary for the summer. 
    • Need an easy way to get your physical? LAHS provides physical examinations for athletes each for a reasonable price.  Check the Athletics Department website or calendar page for exact dates. Due to COVID-19, We are NOT offering physicals at this time. 
    • If you are getting your physical through your own physician (not with the school-sponsored physical), please have your physician use the MVLA Physical Form to complete that exam.

  • Medical history
  • Parent/Guardian information
  • Athletic Department policies and Student and Parent signatures
    • Both students and parents must read and sign all of these policies on this page. By typing in your electronic signatures, you are stating that you have read and understood all of the policies. 
    • In each section, a print version of each policy is available for download. You do not need to turn these in, they are for your reference only.

  • Fees information
    • Transportation Assessment $100.00 for each season of sport, ASB Activity Fee $30.00 You pay these fees with the Bookkeeper only. Do not turn in money to the Athletics Office or Coaches. 
      If a student cannot pay their fees, they may obtain a fee waiver from Assistant Principal Ms. Woolfolk.

  • Confirmation (includes the ability to apply this clearance to multiple sports)
    • You must print this Confirmation Letter. Both parents and students must sign it.
    • Do you play multiple sports? Get cleared for them all now! At the bottom of the Confirmation Letter screen, Look at the bottom of that page for "Would you like to apply this Clearance to additional sports/activities?" and a checkbox for all of the LAHS sports. Check off all sports for which you intend to try out.

Step 5 - Upload your completed Physical, Insurance Form, and confirmation letter OR Turn it into Athletics Office.

* uploading documents is highly recommended. Please allow 1 week for processing during the summer. 


Step 6 - Players should have 2 copies of each of the printed forms, one to be submitted to the AD, and one kept for records.

Holidays & Summer hours for the AD vary, so please call ahead to make sure the office is open.